Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Day One: Best Original Song

Well for the first day of the Oscar Race (finally!) I might as well start small and listen to the nominees for Best Original Song. Since there are only two competing, this shouldn't be too hard (hopefully...):

"Man or Muppet", The Muppets

"Real in Rio", Rio

Just by name recognition I first thought The Muppets would easily take home the title. It took me a few times listening to the songs to actually get into them (No, I haven't seen either yet) because first off the bat I didn't think either of these were clear winners. "Real in Rio" is a bit faster paced and tropical whereas "Man or Muppet" has a much deeper meaning while playing with comedic elements. More audiences enjoyed The Muppets as well, which might hurt the animated nominee; however, don't forget last year's winner "We Belong Together" came from Toy Story 3.

For my nomination, I choose "Man or Muppet". Final answer.  Which do you like better?

(And these are not my videos. SOPA please don't attack me!)

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