Wednesday, May 16, 2012

The Avengers Unite!

Last summer The Avengers filmed in my hometown, Cleveland, Ohio. It was a huge deal all over town thanks to the newly instated Ohio Film Tax Credit. Unfortunately, I didn't get to be an extra in the film, but I visited the set multiple times and every time those scenes came on I got so giddy and clapped. The noticeable sets are the German biergarten & Schlossplatz theatre sign when Loki interrupts the banquet and everybody runs outside (aka Tower City) and one of the final scenes where Captain America and Thor are battling down 'Madison Avenue', the Army starts shooting, the Club Quarters glass shatters, and cars flip due to explosions down the street (I'm pretty sure this was East 9th Ave. in Cleveland). However, I was NOT happy they smashed the Cleveland Public Library to smithereens in the film. Thankfully, it was all CGI. phew.
I also found the writing exceptional for an action packed movie. Obviously some parts were overly cheesy. The scene when Dr. Banner wakes up naked and the old guy is talking to him is Hilarious! Ok, I will never say this ever again, but Robert Downey, Jr. was the best character/actor in that movie. He had the best lines- of course they were raunchy and hilarious (did you catch the 'weed' comment that seemed to last 0.1 seconds?)- and he traveled to another universe! AND he mentioned Galaga and shawarma.
The film had really good action scenes and manipulated camera angles and handheld shakiness like no other blockbuster hit before (besides The Hunger Games which blew me away with its focus techniques and superb editing). I don't think it deserves to be #31 on IMDB's Top 250 right now, but I'm sure that will go down in due time. The hype it has gotten and the $1 billion it made in its first 10 days worldwide is groundbreaking! Such a good boost for the film industry as well.
I just hope The Avengers 2 doesn't try too hard and ruin the good thing it has started. We'll have to see in a few years!