Monday, January 24, 2011

Oscar Season

It's almost time for me to say "Oscar season has begun!"  Tomorrow morning the official noms will be announced at 8:30 eastern time by Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences President Tom Sherak and Monique (winner of last year's Best Supporting Actress award for Precious).  I will definitely be up this year in time for the live announcement.  Even though I have seen most of the films that will most likely be nominated, I still am curious to see the unexpected additions and the foreign film nominees.  Left on my list of movies to see are: Blue Valentine (this Friday!), Rabbit Hole, Another Year; and in the foreign category: I Am Love, Biutiful, The Illusionist and The Concert.

Each year I do more and more to prepare for the Oscars, and this year I took it even farther by making my Pre-nomination Ballot. No, it's not complete, but it includes all the categories I am most sure of.


Black Swan

Social Network

Toy Story 3

King's Speech

The Fighter



Colin Firth

Jim Broadbent

James Franco

Jesse Eisenberg

Robert Duvall


Geoffrey Rush

Christian Bale


Natalie Portman

Jennifer Lawrence

Annette Bening

Julianne Moore

Noomi Rapace


(winters bone) Melissa Leo lookalike

Melissa Leo

Hailee Steinfeld

Animated Movie

Toy Story 3

How to train your dragon

The illusionist

Despicable Me

127 Hours
Harry Potter
King's Speech
Social Network
Foreign Movie

Dragon Tattoo

The Concert

Mother (2010?)



Waiting for Superman


Exit through the gift shop


127 Hours

Harry Potter

King's Speech

Social Network

Special Effects




King's Speech

Black Swan



Rabbit Hole

Blue Valentine

This year is definitely going to be a tough Best Picture winner because I fell in love with Black Swan both times I saw it, but The Social Network has been winning the category thus far this season. Also, David Fincher and Darren Aronofsky are both on my Top Directors list.  I think I'm going to stick with my gut and wait for the surprise when they call "Black Swan" February 27th!

Well come back here more tomorrow when I post the list of official Oscar Nominations 2011!!

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